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Product Features

Particle Size Less Than 1 μm
Ph Value Between 7 – 8
Proper Viscosity Ensures Free Flow
Suitable Conductivity


Digital Textile Inks

The print is one of the most innovative industries in the world. Because of the different types of works it offers, textile printing is one of the most diversified markets. Whether it is home furnishing, or clothing or soft signage, you would find widespread use of active print.

What makes these prints outshine the simpler ones are the kind of digital ink that goes in it.And to make that Digital ink create the right impact, it is imperative to choose the right material which goes in the making of these digital textile inks.

Glojet Yellow N5-U P.Y.74 6-7 Download
Glojet Yellow R-49 U P.Y.138 6-7 Download
Glojet Orange E4-U P.O. 13 6 Download
Glojet Orange E5-U P.O 34 6 Download
Glojet Red E65-U P.R.254 8 Download
Glojet Red R33-U P.R.122 7-8 Download
Glojet Violet R10-U P.V.19 7-8 Download
Glojet Violet E4-U P.V.23 7-8 Download
Glojet Blue C64-U P.B.15.3 8 Download
Glojet Green Q8-U P.G.7 7-8 Download
Glojet Black D8-U P.B.7 8 Download

We have the expertise in providing best and most suitable quality raw material for digital textile inks. Global Nanotech is a solution provider for the variegated demand of the client.

Global Nanotech is an expert when it comes to the manufacturing of water-based dispersions for digital textile ink. We believe that excellent quality product results in long-term association and profitable business.

In this evolving agreement of the digital printing market, Global Nanotech has established its name as one of the leading providers of Water Based Dispersions for digital textile inks. With the help of our profound knowledge and long experience, we have catered to a wide range of customers.

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