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Product Features

Particle Size Less Than 1 μm
Ph Value Between 7 – 8
Proper Viscosity Ensures Free Flow
Suitable Conductivity


Gel Pen Inks

Gel pens are prominently used, and what defines the free flow of the gel pens is the ink in it. The stark color of the ink which doesn’t spread on the paper is defined by the dispersions which go in the making of this ink. Global Nanotech, a company that is known to manufacture outstanding quality pigments for gel inks.

Glorite Red M23-G P.R.112 5-6 Download
Glorite Red M81-G P.R.170 6 Download
Glorite Violet E4-G P.V.23 7-8 Download
Glorite Blue B52-G P.B.15.1 8 Download
Glorite Green Q8-G P.G.7 7-8 Download
Glorite Black D8-G P.B.7 8 Download

We have been in this business for almost around a decade, and in this tenure, we have carved a niche for ourselves. Gel pens smudges more than ball point pen, and hence, it needs to be of good quality. Hence you must trust us with it. Connect with us to get excellent quality dispersions for gel inks.

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