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Global Nanotech –
Every Superhero has an origin of the story

Global Nanotech is a company that started its journey in 2012, and since then, we have splashed different Pigment Dispersions that form the core of different shades of inks using the most advanced technology.

Every dispersion manufactured under our umbrella signifies higher reproducibility and stability. One can spot a stark difference between an average quality dispersion and the ones that we supply. Under the ambit of Global Nanotech, we manufacture dispersions for inks for variegated manufacturing needs of the customers like textile ink, gel pen ink, roller ballpoint ink, and packaging ink.

While Global Nanotech believes in meeting the business goals, we also adhere to the environment-friendly process of manufacturing by offering Water Based Dispersions. We proudly boast the fact that our Dispersions are of the finest International quality with consistency in performance.

With a huge production capability and control over the raw materials, Global Nanotech makes sure that the digital ink produced from it delivers the best performance.


“I firmly believe that our people provide us with the cutting edge. For sustainable success, their performance orientation and customer focus is imperative. In my view, only where people grow, the organisation grows.”

Dr. Dhara,
Global Nanotech Pvt. Ltd.

Winning Aspiration

Our winning aspiration is to be THE leading global dispersion company.

We Are Winning When:

Our PEOPLE are engaged and developing as part of a high-performing Global team
Our CUSTOMERS grow and prosper from Global’s quality, service and innovation
Our INVESTORS benefit from Global’s consistent growth and superior returns
The ENVIRONMENT is better off because of Global’s leadership and products

Our Values


Honesty is the best policy; the policy we choose to base our business on. We aspire to make integrity the cornerstone of all our dealings


One for all and all for one; working together across functional groups to harness synergy and collaboration


Commitment demands delivering as promised. Creating a culture high on reliability and accountability


Time is not only money. Responding to internal and external stakeholders with optimisation and creative solutions keeps everyone ahead of the game.

We are Environment Friendly

Every core material that goes in the making of digital ink & manufactured under the brand name of Global Nanotech is an emblem of superior quality. We are committed to sticking to the hygienic and environment-friendly mode of core stuff for inks for different uses like textile ink, packaging ink, gel pen ink, and ballpoint pen ink.

Our Innovative Approach

We solve dispersions challenges, around the world every day.

Digital Textile Inks

Flexible Packaging Inks

Gel Pen Inks

Roller Ball Pen Inks

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