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Product Features

Particle Size Less Than 1 μm
Ph Value Between 7 – 8
Proper Viscosity Ensures Free Flow
Suitable Conductivity


Roller Ball Pen Inks

Ballpoint pens may appear to be so simple, but what differentiates them from the others is the ink within it. This driving force of a ballpoint pen is its ink and for it to have flawless strokes, you would need the right kind of materials that goes in the making of this ink. We at Global Nanotech take pride in boasting our proficiency in manufacturing excellent quality base material for inks for ball pens.

We believe that continuous innovation helps us make us produce excellent quality raw material for ink making. Here what makes us unmatched?

  1. Better colour
  2. Good fastness
  3. Excellent reproducibility
  4. Long-lasting ink
Glorite Red E65-R P.R.254 8 Download
Glorite Blue F67-R P.B.15.6 8 Download
Glorite Black D8-R P.B.7 8 Download

At Global Nanotech, we believe in innovating the conventional idea of manufacturing by incorporating state of the art technology and creating exceptional raw material that will create excellent quality inks that are going to make the writing experience a fantastic one.

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