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Product Features

Particle Size Less Than 1 μm
Ph Value Between 7 – 8
Proper Viscosity Ensures Free Flow
Suitable Conductivity


Flexible Packaging Inks

Adding colors to things makes them even more attractive. Under the ambit of Global Nanotech, we provide excellent quality water based dispersion that suits the variegated needs of the industry. Every manufacturing unit needs to pack their products and make it an attractive pack and thus the evolution of Digital Packaging Ink becomes an absolute necessity.

However, the ink needs to be good enough for it to stick to a different substrate and hence, it is important that the raw materials which go in the making of inks for packaging to be of excellent quality.

Glojet Yellow N5-M P.Y.74 6-7 Download
Glojet Yellow R49 M P.Y.138 7 Download
Glojet Orange C75-M P.O.64 6 Download
Glojet Red E65-M P.R.254 8 Download
Glojet Red R33-M P.R.122 7-8 Download
Glojet Violet R10-M P.V.19 7-8 Download
Glojet Violet E4-M P.V.23 7-8 Download
Glojet Blue C64-M P.B.15.3 8 Download
Glojet Green Q8-M P.G.7 7-8 Download
Glojet Black D8-M P.B.7 8 Download

We understand that the printing inks must be flexible enough to stick to different surfaces without losing its texture and color and for the inks to last longer, it is important that the dispersions are of great quality. Global Nanotech is known to manufacture excellent quality dispersions for making flexible packaging ink.

The market requirement for ink is impacted by customer branding demands, end-user regulation, application requirements, and product marketing campaigns. Irrespective of your business needs, we can provide you the right kind of dispersions that will help you manufacture excellent quality flexible packaging ink.

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